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"Thanks again for such a beautiful class. I feel so relaxed and reconnected to the community now; it’s incredible what one session of yoga can do.

Thank you,"


"Your classes have been really, really enjoyable. My body always feels more stiff on the weeks that I can't come. I think I must get more yoga in during that hour than I realise - even with all the baby-tending that goes on. And I think bub really enjoys it too. You do such a great job of accommodating both the mums and the bubs so everyone feels included.



"I really can't thank you enough for your beautiful, affirming prenatal class last night. Being able to connect with your energy and the energy of the other mums was really special. I felt a level of peace and physicality that I haven't yet experienced in this pregnancy, due to all the upheavals Covid has brought.

Thank you,"


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